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I've had several emails recently about the subject of ball stretching. It is an interesting subject, but not one that I particularly feel the need to indulge in. However, some of the readers of my webpage are 'into it' and with a little extra research on the internet, I've put together some information on the subject which will give you some idea of what it is all about, and hopefully point you in the right direction if you want to explore further.

Technically it is all about increasing the length of the scrotum and not the size of the testicles, so strictly speaking the name 'ball stretching' is a mis-nomer. The following text is what I've 'lifted' from others and do not necessarily reflect my views.

The scrotum is stretched either by physical stretching and / or hanging weights from your scrotum above your balls so that gravity assists with the stretching. The theory behind ball stretching and scrotal growth is that by applying a gentle but gradually increasing tension over extended periods of time, the scrotum and internal connective tissue suspending the testicles inside the scrotum will actually grow and become longer and larger.

The application of a small constant tension to any part of the skin (such as the ball sack) is the stimulus for the body to grow new skin cells. This is the principle of skin expansion. The growth of new scrotal sack cells and internal tissue cells makes the scrotal sack grow larger and the connective tissues suspending the testicles allow them to hang lower.

The purpose, action, and mechanisms of the scrotal sack are entirely preserved. Scrotal skin is unique in that the skin is lined with smooth muscle tissue sensitive to temperature and emotional stress. If the temperature of the surroundings is warm, the scrotal skin relaxes allowing the testicles to hang lower and operate at a lower temperature. The sperm production process of meiosis (spermatogenesis) is temperature sensitive and can only be successful if the testicle temperature is a few degrees lower than the body temperature. If the surroundings are colder, the scrotal skin contracts pulling the balls up close to the body for warmth. Also, during times of emotional stress and anger, the scrotal skin automatically contracts very tight. This is a throwback up the evolutionary path, when our ancestors were creatures subjected to violent breeding and territorial fights. The scrotum becomes very contracted tight and tough in order to protect and prevent injury to the testicles.

Why do it?

Wearing ballweights achieves two results.
1. It is in itself pleasureable and erotic as the sensation of the weight hanging on the balls is a great feeling (it also looks good!).
2. The weight hanging on the scrotum will, if used sufficiently, lengthen the scrotum giving more to play with, and increases the potential for pleasurable sensations.

Ball stretching can be a gentle bondage game, a serious obsession or a kinky diversion - If you've never tried it, you owe it to yourself to give it a go - it feels great!

To find out more read the Jarod Johansen Guide to Ball stretching, which is supported by

I think that if I had a small scrotum, the technique might be more appealing, but I've quite happy with the size of mine, so I do not feel the need to make it any larger. In fact I suspect thgat my scrotum may have got larger with age. It could hoever be due to the fact that I do not wear underwear, so my scrotum never receives any support. So that where as the use of weights assists gravity to do the stretching, in my case it is possible that just the weight of the testicles has enabled some slight elongation. It may also be that as I lead a fairly energetic life stlye, eg, playing squash and running, all of which is done with no supportive underwear, that may also have assisted in some slight elongation - who knows?


Another useful online board dedicated to information distribution regarding ball stretching is Rantallion at A rantallion is someone who has a lower hanging ball sack than the tip of his penis, so I think that I just about qualify!

Thought that you might find this of interest!




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